Monday, July 30, 2012

Aug 8th - Green Drinks - Host is Cedar Grove Composting

Come enjoy us for Green Drinks this month Aug 8th from 5 to 7pm at Cedar Grove Composting in Everett. Cedar Grove Composting is an internationally known,  state of the art composting facility that transforms yard waste and food waste into earth-friendly compost. 
Cedar Grove Everett has hosted over 5000 people from 17 countries since it opened in 2004. Come learn more about the processes, technology, and products made from local residential and commercial inputs once destined for the landfill.  Take a tour of the facility during Green Drinks.

Soils for Salmon - Builders, developers, and landscapers are adopting practices that preserve and improve the soil on building sites, and protect waterways, and local governments are beginning to require it. click here for more info

3620 36th Pl NE
Everett, WA